Hi, my name is Melissa...

I am the artist behind WalkuptoMe Photography. My photography usually is focused on my 3 kiddos, but I will occasionally shoot a session if I feel inspired by a client. Typically I am chasing my little people around and enjoying every minute of our daily adventures. I love bright, bold colors and live to seek out the connections between my little humans.

 I found photography after my 3rd child was born. I knew I needed a hobby, a creative outlet. Photography, was the perfect escape, it was something I could do for myself, while creating memories for my family. I dove right in. I took a class on shooting in manual mode, watched endless YouTube videos, and never looked back! I thought this would just be for fun, but now I'm obsessed with creating memories for myself and documenting our every day. Now my camera goes everywhere with me.

Here is a snapshot of  our lives, made magical by my favorite faces. I hope my children will cherish these memories, captured in the moment and in my heart, as the years go by. I certainly will!